SUBSTRATEC relies on a networking worldwide.

The next milestone has been achieved. Since March 2018 the platform SUBSTRATEC can be reached online in English, using the known linkĀ From now on highly qualified users can search for suitable joining and bonding technologies (B2B Adhesive Search) and competent market players (B2B Company Search) in the German speaking countries and around the globe.

"The testing period has shown an outstanding acceptance from day one. I am very delighted to see that the English roll-out has attracted the marketĀ“s interest so great and it shows us that we have done an important step forward in strengthening the world-wide networking. SUBSTRATEC now is providing bonding solutions worldwide to our English-speaking visitors. To our listed manufacturers and suppliers, we become even more attractive offering a branding and a lead-generating platform with an international scope", reports Andreas Reisenzahn, founder and owner of SUBSTRATEC.

SUBSTRATEC is an online service which operates completely supplier-independent offering match-making systems for industrial adhesives and other joint technologies on a high technical level. After setting-up their specified bonding requirements, the professional users achieve adhesive alternatives based on their technical facts in real-time, product information and supplier contacts. SUBSTRATEC is accompanying the manufacturers and suppliers to the next level of digital-marketing completing a modern marketing-mix with new communication ideas and channels, always working one step ahead and always orientated to the future.

"More and more well-known manufacturers and suppliers are presented in our database. This is a great result, which confirms our strategy of increasing our level of awareness in the sector. The strong demand for our services from the industry-side has already been proven by our above-average increasing traffic numbers", explains Andreas Reisenzahn.